18K Prosecco Rosé – Pure Pink Charm

Prosecco’s celebrity glamor meets Pinot Noir’s character to wear pink. The splendid glamorous bottle holds the fresh aromas and intriguing fruity and floral hints unleashed in the glass in a fine and persistent perlage. 18K Prosecco Rosé is a trendy Charmat, ideal for aperitif time with your most exclusive friends.

A brand-new rosé that has conquered international happy hour.
The brand-new rosé version of Prosecco harmoniously combines the unmistakable aromas of the most famous vine variety with the personality of Pinot Noir, from which it inherited a bright rose petal-pink color and fragrant aromas embellished by elegant fruity notes. A rosé unlike any other, destined to be trendy.

Wine data sheet

Grapes: 85% Glera, 10-15% Pinot Noir

Production area: Veneto (Prosecco DOC areas)

Altitude: 50-150 m a.s.l.

Type of soil: Land from the Treviso plains to the Valdobbiadene hills Deep, fertile soil in the flatter land. The flat land soil is alluvial, clay loam with sandy schists, while the soil in the hills is marly, well-structured, with clay schists and the presence of rock fragments, with ample neutral alkaline pH organic substance.

Alcohol: 11 % vol.

Fermentation: The grapes are harvested with care to preserve their integrity and limit the formation of must. The vinification of the base wine is carried out trying to preserve the acidity and the aroma of the grapes as much as possible. The destemmed grapes are pressed and after cold decantation, the must starts the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature with selected aromatic yeasts. After fermentation and subsequent decanting, the blend is made.

Aging: The blend is refined on fine lees, after which the second fermentation is carried out in autoclave. Residual sugar level 10 g/l.

Tasting notes: It has a bright, vibrant petal pink color and a fine and persistent perlage. The aroma is fresh, pleasant and fragrant, enriched by pungent hints of white flowers and berries such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries; the taste is delicate on the palate and has a perfect balance between fruity and acidic components.

Food pairings: Extremely versatile, this wine is perfect in any convivial occasion. Excellent as an aperitif, Prosecco Rosé Brut is particularly suitable for appetizers, raw fish and steamed seafood. It is unforgettable when paired with chocolate and apple pies.

Capacity: 0,75 l