Austria Gold Rosé in a Rose Gold Bar

Name: Austria Gold Rosé in a Rose Gold Bar
Series: Gold Series
Classification: Alcohol: 9.5% vol | Sugar: 18 g / L
Capacity: 0.75L
Bottle: High quality bottle with luxurious styling

As the most award-winning sparkling wine producer in Austria, we are now also presenting the appealing brand “Austria Gold” with attractive rosé sparkling wine – packaged in an attractive rosé gold bar box!

This unique flavored wine-based drink contains 23 carat gold leaf suitable for consumption and a light peach note. If the bottle is turned upside down, a sparkling golden shower begins in the drink. This rarity among the prestige varieties was composed from Austrian Zweigelt and is finely flavored. This is how this drink achieves its elegance. The fine mousseux with the golden look and the silky taste give our product “Austria Gold Rosé” its elegant note. Ideal for everyone who is looking for something special.

Austria Gold Rosé ”is the ideal gift for the cultivated consumer and also puts a golden crown on your special occasion! With an alcohol content of 9.5% vol, it is the ideal present for celebrations and occasions or simply for beautiful moments in everyday life! The gold can be consumed without affecting your health!

Alcohol: 9.5% vol | Sugar: 18 g / L